WhatsApp : Limit for forwarding messages to only one chat at a time

WhatsApp : Limit for forwarding messages to only one chat at a time

WhatsApp reduces the limit for forwarding messages to only one chat at a time:


     Hello visitors, the world largest instant messaging application WhatsApp on Tuesday announced new features to stop the flow of misinformative or fake news going viral.

    According to the new features it will not allow users to forward a message to multiple users.

    The limit of sharing message was about five users at a time but this is reduced to only one. You can only send a message at a time to a one user. A message can be forwarded either to one group or single user at a time.

   It will eat to reduce the spread of fake news through the platform and the feature stays for permanently. WhatsApp has been working on many initiative to stop the spread of fake news around the world over covid-19 crisis. WhatsApp has partner with many organisations like WHO(World Health Organisation), UNICEF and UNDP. the WhatsApp Corona virus information that provide information about pandemic.

   The new feature follows the recent directives of The Ministry of Electronics and information technology. The MEITY social platform to stop or reduce the spread of fake news around the Sars-Cov-2 on 20 March. The ministry askef the platforms to inform their users not to spread, host, display, upload, modify, publish, update or share any information that may affect public order in anyway.

WhatsApp limits status video time limit to 15 seconds in India:

     Facebook on WhatsApp has now reduced the limit status video from 30 Seconds to 15 seconds in India to balance the flow of internet networks during Coronavirus lockdown. There are many users which are sharing status videos which causes lots of data to be used.

    India is about 400 million WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is asking their users to crop the video which is longer than 15 second and then only it can be posted as status. When WhatsApp was launched at the time it was allowed to post 90 second to 3 minutes of video it gave a feature to trim the length of the video if the video is more than 16 MB before sending it.

WhatsApp latest feature to check a fake news:


     Facebook owned messaging company WhatsApp always keep updating its app to provide smooth experience to their users. WhatsApp is now on talk to soon launch a new features which can help user to check a fake message via web search on the same time.

    The new features which is not yet officially launched shows a magnifying glass against the forwarded message. After typing the forwarded icon it will ask you to upload the message on Google to see it contain fake news.


WhatsApp tips to help prevent the spread of rumours and fake news:

1. No when a message is forwarded:

   When a message is forwarded by your friend or wrote by your friend or relative and send to 5 times it shows only single forward icon and if it is forwarded more than 5 times then it shows double Arrow icons.

2. Check photos and media carefully:

   Photos, audios recordings and videos can be edited to mislead you. So you can go through the news source to see if the story is being reported elsewhere. When a story is reported in multiple places then it is more likely to be true.

3. Look out for message that look different:

   There are many messages or website link you receive contain fake news having a spelling mistake.

4. Verify with other sources:

   If you are still confused about the fake news then search it online on your trusted news sites to see the story came from is it true or not.

5. Fake news often goes viral:

   Even if a message is forwarded too many times  it can’t make sure that it will be true ask the sender to check whether the news is true or not. If any group Or a contact is constantly sending fake news report them.