What is Homosexuality, understand your sexual orientation in this way

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Men are attracted to men, they are called Lesbians. Attraction towards both men and women is called Bisexual.

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It is very important to know what homosexuality is. Homosexuals are people who are attracted to the same gender. In a way, it is a combination of many things like sexual behavior, social gathering and rules. Men are attracted to men, they are called Lesbians. Attraction towards both men and women is called Bisexual. All of these make up the LGBT community. The most different of these is heterosexual or straight. Heterosexual means that you are sexually attached to those people whose gender is opposite from you. Well, how will you judge whether you are homo or not, let us know.

What exactly is homo?
When women or men start getting attracted towards their sex, then it is called homo. In this, they want to be romantic with their sexes. Desire to have sex with them. They share their love and pain, happiness and sorrow and share love among themselves. In this condition, same-sex couples treat each other like a husband and wife.

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Knowing about your sexual orientation can be quite confusing experience. But only you can recognize this thing yourself. At present, there is no medical test for this. There are not many signs of homosexual detection. From the perspective of men, light fragility in their walking, make-up and wearing girls clothes are very simple signs.

Other big symptoms of homo
If you are falling in love with your same sex person, then you are homosexual.
– Excitement in the mind after seeing the boys is also a sign of homo.
-If you have a more emotional touch with a boy, you are homo.
Or if you are physically interested in men, then you are homo.
Not only this, if your mind is trying to have sex with a man, then this is the message of being homo
-If you have sex with one of your boys, then you are definitely a homo.

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Take care of these things
-Do not try to hide your negative feelings towards your sexual orientation through things like drugs or alcohol.
In this condition, you choose your friends wisely. Network support will be available if you make a list of Homosexual Friends.
Decide what you are yourself, do not give others the right to decide. Keep your identity clear and do not come under anyone’s pressure.
Also pay attention to safe sex because the risk of sexually transmitted infections (SITs) from either the same sex or the opposite sex is equal in both the conditions.
– Even if you are homosexual, you do not have to be away from your straight friends (opposite sex).
Remember that while recognizing your sexuality, do not let any wrong emotion come to your mind. Whatever the result, just remain positive. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them)

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