What is autosexual, what is its sexual orientation, know in detail

Autosexual and sexual orientation: In recent times, the use of the term autosexual has increased. As the word implies, autosexual people are more attracted to themselves. That is, such people whose sexual attraction is more in themselves than in the opposite sex, they are called autosexual people. Such people get sexually attracted towards their own body and they are able to give themselves sexual pleasure only by looking at themselves. However, this does not mean that such people are gay or lesbian. healthline According to the news of this, at present the word autosexual sounds very strange but gradually the number of autosexual people is increasing. Like homosexual or lesbian, now the trend of autosexual has also started increasing. Now these people have started calling themselves autosexual.
what is autosexual

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In fact, the autosexual person first of all owns himself. Attracted towards sexuality. Those who are autosexual, their sexual orientation towards others either does not happen or does not happen, then it is very less. This does not mean that people who are autosexual are not sexually attracted to others or cannot have sex with others. However, some autistic individuals do not want to have relationships with others at all.

Are autosexual and autoromantic the same thing
Autosexual and autoromantic are two different things. The autosexual is primarily sexually attracted to oneself while the autoromantic feels primarily attracted to oneself. People who are autistic, it is not necessary that these people feel attracted to themselves. Maybe such people are only sexually attracted towards themselves.

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What is sexual orientation
Generally, autosexual individuals are sexually attracted to themselves. That’s why such people mostly feel satisfied in masturbation. Their sexual attraction towards others is very less. However, this does not mean that these people cannot build relationships with others.

any reason to become autistic
No. So far no such evidence has come to the fore on the basis of which it can be said that this is the cause of autosexuality. This is not a medical problem and it is not a medical disease.

Does fertility have any effect
Medically autosexual people are just like normal people. Their reproductive organs are also normal. If these people build relationships with others, they may be able to have children just like normal people.

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