What is Amazon Alexa, how and what does it work?  Learn the answers to all the questions

What is Amazon Alexa, how and what does it work? Learn the answers to all the questions

‘Alexa’ (Digital Voice Assistant) is a digital voice assistant of Amazon. You can use it in your smartphone and Amazon’s Echo Product. It is a kind of high-tech product that can also control your smart home gadgets. In this you can close the door, dim the lights and adjust the thermostat. You can also call it one of your technical servants. Let’s know how and what works Alexa?

Alexa can help you with the following tasks
>> Can help you play songs, listen to Kindle books, find restaurants near your area and order food online.

>> Tells about theatrical movie showtimes and sports schedules. Also, it helps in your Amazon packages. >> Updating from the latest news of the country and the world and reading all your e-mails are its functions.

>> Let us know that Alexa works as your personal voice assistant to access the information and control the compatible device.

>> it can answer your questions. Can make traffic information and grocery list. Amazon can shop for you on the app. Can play the video for you.

>> you say goodnight then it can turn off the lights of the room. Can also set your favorite morning alarm.

Any monthly fees for Alexa?
No, there is no monthly fee for Alexa. It operates through an internet connection. If you have an Amazon Prime Account membership, it can be even more beneficial for you.

How to set up Alexa?
step 1 Open the first Alexa app in your Android and iOS phone by opening it.

Step-2 Select device from bottom corner of phone

Step-3 Now, press the plus sign on the top of the phone

Step-4 Add device now

Step-5 Tap on the Amazon Echo icon which is to the right of the Echo Dot icon.

Need an Amazon account for Alexa?
Yes, to enjoy Alexa, you must have an Amazon account. But it is not necessary that you also have an Amazon Prime Membership. On the Amazon app you can add any number of Alexa supported devices to your account.

What does Alexa do for free?
In Alexa, you can take advantage of facilities like listening to songs, informing, reading emails, weather information, some sports scores, making calls, controlling smartphones.

Difference between Amazon’s Echo and Alexa?
Alexa is an artificial intelligence service, on the other hand, Echo is a physical device used for connectivity and connecting to Alexa. For example Alexa is an Internet service and Echo is like your computer and laptop.

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