What happened on 28 June? Why this day is memorable in the history of the world?

What happened on 28 June? Why this day is memorable in the history of the world?

What happened on 28 June? Why this day is memorable in the history of the world?

28th June is memorable in the history of the whole world. On this very day, the birth of the famous great people in the history of the world and the puzzle bar was banned in India on this day.

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Birth of great people of India:

Former Prime Minister of India Narasimha Rao was born on 28th June 1921 and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, the author of the famous national song Vande Mataram, was born on 28 June 1838.


Press ban imposed in independent India on 28th June:

During the Emergency, the government of Sonia Gandhi, the news printed in newspapers started to be censored, and the strict prohibition. The declaration of about 3801 papers was stopped, 290 newspaper advertisements were stopped and 327 letters were republished. The closed atmosphere became so bad that Guardian and Times newspapers were asked to leave India and the telephone service was canceled.


Why is June 28 memorable for the whole world?

On this day, the birth of many emperors, incidents of war, etc. took place all over the country. Their details are as follows:-


* In 1651 War between Poland and Beresteczko.

* In 1776 the American Revolution reached Sullivan Island by winning the war.

* Henry GW Smith, who led the British Indian Army in 1787.

* 1838 Victoria became Queen of England.

* In 1846, Adolph Sex patented his instrument saxophone.

* In 1857, Nana Saheb declared himself the Peshwa of Bithoor and vowed to drive the British away from India.

* 1894 was declared a holiday in the US on Riddle Bar on Labor Day.

* In 1902, the US Parliament enacted a new spanner law and authorized the official Panama Canal of Columbia.

* 1914 World War I started today.

* Mercedes Benz started in 1926 by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz merging two companies

* Born in 1940, Bengali economist Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus.

* In 1950 “Bodo League Massacre” in Korea killing one lakh people.

* Stricter restrictions imposed on the press in India in 1975.

* 1986: Lala Denga Mizoram, who became the Chief Minister of Mizoram, enacted a law to provide maternity leave to unmarried girls.

* 1995 Madhya Pradesh was declared as Tiger State.

* Started its mission in Gaza City for Palestinian control in 1996.

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