Wellness director’s help is being taken for the health of employees, ‘Wellness menu’ card has been created

Work from home has affected many employees across the world. While work from home has made many people physically unwell, on the other hand many people have also become ill due to mental health. In these circumstances, a San Francisco-based startup ‘Fast’ has started ‘Chair Shaped’ or Movement Snacks Menu for people shaped like a chair. You must be wondering what are these ‘chair shaped’ and ‘movement snacks’. Actually, these two words are born out of the changing equations of the workplace i.e. offices in the corona epidemic. Year 2021 is not like office work 2020. Some employees are in office, some are in work from home.

Dainik Bhaskar According to the news of this new mixed working arrangement, a company like ‘Fast’ of San Francisco has to appoint ‘wellness director’. His main job is to create ‘wellness menu’ cards, which include ‘movement snacks’, for remote employees. Wellness directors supervise each employee, helping them to do certain activities at their place. Employees are constantly sitting on the chair for fear that the manager may see that they are not in front of the screen. This has limited their activity, leading to other problems including weight gain. That’s why he has been called a ‘chair shaped’ person.

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Phil McDougall has been working with FAST as wellness director since May. He is making movement snacks with his assistant. However, their first session with work from home employees starts at 7 am. After about 1 hour of exercise, Phil reaches office at 5:30 in the morning wearing sports shoes. He and his company are working on the challenges faced by stressed work from home employees and are on a mission to de-stress everyone. According to Phil, there are two types of stress – physical and mental. ‘Fast’, a company that makes one-click online shopping software, has hired Phil to get employees out of their chairs as much as possible so that employees don’t become ‘chair shaped’.

He starts his day with a 15-minute session of ‘Movement Snacks’ over a video call which is a must for everyone. In this session, all the employees stand on one leg away from the laptop. At the same time, some people apply the knee to the chest to reduce back pain. Then he does breathing exercises, which focus on the diaphragm located below the lungs. Then exercises that weaken the core muscles and strengthen the lower back are done when sitting incorrectly at the desk.

Opportunities for employees to walk and squat have decreased. That’s why they all login to Phil’s class. Meditation and therapy is also a part of the contract and employees can book slots in it. Phil has made various exercise routines. They are building a large exercise library, which will include many tutorials. However, he believes that reaching out to each employee personally is the best way. Let us tell you that Fast Company is slowly seeing the haze of tension dissipating from the minds of the employees.

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If you stay ‘chair shaped’ for a long time every day, then according to doctors, you can easily reach the hospital by breaking (injury). Therefore, make your own ‘wellness menu’ and include walking, jumping, skipping, yoga in it. Fundamentally, it is very important to get out of the fatal position of sitting in front of the screen and do some activity daily. According to doctors, go back to walking of your 10,000 steps, which was considered the best exercise before the pandemic. You can achieve this again by walking 90 minutes daily.

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