Weird: School teachers did such a prank, children can even parents come!

The whole world knows about the gun culture of America (United States News). There are guns kept in people’s homes and there are reports of firing in schools every now and then. Meanwhile, a prank of teachers in the school in Illinois here (Teachers Pranked with Mobile Phone) came into the limelight. Actually, leave the children with this prank (Teachers Prank Gone Wrong), their parents were also shocked.

This prank of teachers came to the fore through TikTok videos. This case is of Tinley Park High School. The teachers here made such a video from their mobile phone (Teachers Pranked with Mobile Phone), seeing that anyone would mistake it as a gun. His prank is currently in the headlines.

Children and teachers prank together
Seeing the video, the parents were blown away, in which from teachers to children, they are using their phones as a gun. They are aiming towards the camera with this and pranking some shooting scene. School staff and teachers are also involved in this prank. He wanted to show a friendly atmosphere in the school through the film, but his move probably backfired. When this video of TikTok reached the parents of the children, the ground slipped under their feet.

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Parents called it – silly
When this video was shared on social media by the school, they got a negative response from the parents. Most parents termed it as silly and disgusting. He said that already incidents of firing by children in America’s schools have been coming to the fore. In such a situation, to involve children in such pranks is to give them wrong education. At the same time, it has been said from the school that the video has been badly edited, otherwise it was a video promoting school spirit.


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