Weight loss: Why does your weight increase with age

If you are also troubled by increasing weight with your increasing age. So today’s party, tomorrow I will get you the complete reason for this and you will be able to solve this problem.

New Delhi. As women age, so does their weight. Yes, as the age of Sheela, who lives in my neighborhood, is increasing, her weight is also increasing. She is very upset with her increasing weight but till now she could not understand why this is happening to her. Like Sheela, many women are troubled by the increasing weight with their increasing age. If you are also troubled by increasing weight with increasing age like Sheela and you want to know the reason for this, then read this article completely.

less physical activities
As a woman gets older, her physically active life disappears. Aging brings with it many stresses and pressures of life. Taking care of her home and office at the same time, the woman does not find time to adopt a fitness program for herself. Long time passes in the office and often the work is also done sitting down, due to which the weight increases even more.

increased stress
As a woman gets older in her life, her responsibilities and duties towards family and office also increase. This increases the level of the stage even more. Excess stress causes hormonal changes in the body, which increases the emotional level as well as weight.

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