Web Series Review: ‘Sunflower’ is stuck in the lift of the society

Sunil Grover’s shoulders are not strong enough to pull off the entire web series on his own, so along with strong actors like Ranvir Shorey, Girish Kulkarni and Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukul Chadha, Sonali Nagrani, Simran Nerurkar also joined ZEE5. Supported in the new web series “Sunflower”. This web series, made about the investigation of a murder in a society, is like an elevator which is stuck between two goods, the light is not coming and the doors are difficult to open. Viewers will feel trapped after watching Sunflower.

Movie Name – Sunflower (Zee5)

Release date – June 11, 2021

Director- Rahul Sengupta, Vikas Bahl Cast – Sunil Grover, Ashish Vidyarthi, Girish Kulkarni, Ranvir Shorey and others

Genre – Crime, Thriller, Comedy

Rating- 2.5 /5

Duration – 1 season. 8 episodes.

Producer- Reliance Entertainment, Good Company

Sunflower is a web series recently presented on ZEE5 which is made a combination of crime, thriller and comedy, it is just like mixing all the remaining vegetables in the house to make a mix-veg. A murder happens in the first 3 minutes of this web series, and the best thing is that you know who has done the murder. Now you hope that this series will try to solve the question of how the murderer will be identified, which stick will the police turn to bring the evidence to the fore and who will be the culprit, like Sherlock Holmes, and The real culprit will come out. This is where your hope is thrown down the roof of this apartment. There is no shock element in this web series except after the murder, the arrival of the police, the indifference of the people living in the society towards this murder and then returning to their own lives. There is a little thrill, a lot of comedy.

Ashwin Kaushal, who started his career playing the role of Rishi Kapoor’s younger brother, trapped in a rape case in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film Damini, dies after drinking coconut water after his neighbor Professor Ahuja injected it into it. Rat kill medicine was mixed. Ranvir Shorey comes in the form of police who are playing crossword asking questions. In a short while, Girish Kulkarni is also visible as his junior, who seems to be a very lowly cop just because of his appearance, intelligence and way of talking. The maids working in the house, neighbors, other people living in the society, coconut water supplyers and newspapers, all are questioned. In the midst of all this comes the character of Sunil Grover, who has been a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company and is currently working in a cosmetic company. Two characters are most visible in this entire series – Sunil Grover and Girish Kulkarni.

Sunil has probably played the biggest role of his life so far. No one has any reason to doubt his talent. The OCD of keeping everything neatly, the passion to do everything according to the rules, the disease of falling in love with beautiful girls one-sidedly even after being hurt in love, and of creating new idioms, etc. These characters have come to life in the entire web series. is. The series progresses with the story of Sunil as well and the murder is left behind. If Sunil is there then there will be comedy but it is totally different from Sunil’s comedy till now. Sunil has done comedy on the situation, there is a spice of novelty in his dialogues. Sunil’s character is not affected by any incident happening around him until his trousers, his peon is stolen and after a few days he comes to the office wearing it. At one point he tries to be a little hero too when he threatens a bouncer to get entry in a club.

Girish Kulkarni has been seen by Hindi audience in the role of Khadoos Coach in the film Dangal and hence it is important to reach out to all that Girish has received National Award for writing and acting. Those watching Marathi movies do not even need to tell about Girish’s acting ability. Girish was seen in Netflix’s popular show Sacred Games in the role of politician Bipin Bhosle. Playing the role of a cop is not new to Girish, but Girish’s spontaneity gives a new angle to each character. The way he takes out his phone and shoots everything, the way he swings the phone by putting a ring on the cover of the phone, and he gets flustered in front of the abusive Samir Khakhar in the hospital, or else at home. The expression on her face after hearing that the working bai’s phone password is “I love you” shows her acting ability.

Ranvir Shorey, in-charge of the police station trapped in a broken marriage, Ashish Vidyarthi, a self-styled protector of culture who is trying to become the chairman of the society, and Simran Nerurkar, leaving her husband and father-in-law from Chandigarh to participate in a singing talent hunt in Mumbai. They have been written from and he has also played them beautifully. But the two characters who influenced the whole story in an unexpected way are Mukul Chadha in the character of Mr. and Mrs. Ahuja and Radha Bhatt especially Radha who completely changed their character in the last scene with the full meaning of the climax and the whole of the story. Change colors, that is the point of this series.

The story is written by Vikas Bahl. Vikas Bahl has directed films like Chillar Party, Queen, Shaandaar and Super 30. It is a bit difficult to say where Vikas has gone wrong in this web series because till the last episode, the audience stays in the hope that some explosion is going to happen but in the last 5 minutes, his hopes have been dashed is strange. As if the writer wanted to say something and then he forgot, he ended the story somehow. Rahul Sengupta has assisted Vikas in the direction. Direction is very good but in the name of murder mystery the comedy series has been fixed. Common man is not able to differentiate between super built up and built up and carpet area. The murder investigation might have been completed in the third episode. Through the character of Ashish Vidyarthi, an attempt has been made to narrate the grief of renters in Mumbai’s residential society, its usefulness is not understood. At the same time, Simran’s character in the role of Besuri Singer, who fled from Punjab, is also strange. More than half of an episode is focused on him.

It is fun to see sunflowers but something remains incomplete. With the speed with which the web series and its characters were coming out, suddenly in the 8th episode, the whole story ended in the last 5 minutes. This web series is a must watch for the unusual talent of Sunil Grover and Girish Kulkarni.


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