Vivo X70 Pro comes with up to 8GB of RAM, 44W Flash Charging, will get an ultra premium look

With the launch of Vivo X70 Pro, Vivo Mobiles has made its knock in the fast emerging 5G market of India. Powerful features like brand new second generation ZEISS lens, specially designed MediaTek Dimensity 1200 vivo processor, 4450 mAh battery and Vivo’s 44W flash charging feature make Vivo X70 Pro stand at the top of the list of ultra premium smartphones. . One thing that has brought the Vivo X70 Pro into the limelight after its launch is its photography capabilities, about which the brand has made lofty claims.

Vivo believes that photography like Vivo X70 Pro is not only difficult, but impossible with any other smartphone launched in the Indian market in this price segment so far.

Speaking to reporters, Nipun Marya, Director – Brand Strategy, Vivo India, said, “The camera performance of Vivo X70 Pro will amaze the users and they will believe for once when they see the pictures captured with Vivo X70 Pro. It will not happen that this picture has been taken from a smartphone. Let us know what are the things that make Vivo X70 Pro so special:

Exclusively Designed MediaTek Dimensity 1200-vivo Processor
One of the reasons for the strong performance of Vivo X70 Pro is the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Vivo processor, which is specially designed for Vivo X70 Pro. It is a customized new flagship open resource architecture chipset jointly designed by Vivo and MediaTek. This technological fusion of Dimension 5G open resource architecture with Vivo’s features like Super Night Mode, Astro Mode and Pro-Sports Mode gives users extremely fast algorithmic calculations and higher operating efficiency with less battery consumption.

Regarding this latest partnership of Vivo and MediaTek, Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India says that, ‘Earlier also, Vivo and MediaTek’s partnership has been successful in many smartphones made keeping in mind the quality-choice customers and Vivo X70 Pro Together we have worked to strengthen this partnership by taking it a step further.

Vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System
ZEISS is actually a German company which is known all over the world for its high quality lenses. ZEISS lenses are used in the world’s best cameras. Vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System has been developed under the strategic partnership between Vivo and ZEISS in December 2020 to minimize the gap between smartphone and DSLR camera.

First used in Vivo’s X60 series, this technology has been further improved at the hardware and software level and used in Vivo X70 Pro, giving users a completely different and unique experience on many aspects like Night Capture, Portrait Capture, Colors etc. So to receive.

ZEISS Style Portrait
The Biotar style portrait effect used in Vivo’s previous series was well received by the users. Perhaps inspired by this, Vivo and ZEISS have teamed up to simulate some more classic ZEISS lens style effects for the Vivo X70 Pro.

The four ZEISS style portrait lens effects named Biotar, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar give users a completely new photography experience in portrait mode.

Real-Time Extreme Night Vision
Be it a party on the terrace of the house in the night, dance to the beats of DJ in the dim lights of the club or a new moon night in the dim light of diwali diyas, always taking good pictures with friends and family in low light. That’s what the challenge is. Through the Real-Time Extreme Night Vision of Vivo X70 Pro, you can get rid of this problem to a great extent by manually adjusting the exposure intensity.

The perfect combination of exposure brightness and noise reduction coupled with Vivo X70 Pro’s brand new ultra-sensing sensors will help users capture clearer images and produce better videos even in low light at night.

Apart from this, Vivo X70 Pro also comes with Pro-Cinematic Mode to adjust and control several video parameters like zoom support, focus distance mark, audio level, immersive monitoring video interface, which will help users to create professional quality videos in a pinch. .

While the initial 8GB RAM + 128GB variant of Vivo X70 Pro, which is ready for its first sale scheduled on 7 October, costs Rs 46,990, then for its 8GB RAM + 256GB buyers will have to pay Rs 49,990.

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