Vivek Sagar of Hoshangabad will play in the Indian Hockey team in Tokyo Olympics, a great journey to success

Hoshangabad. Hoshangabad will also represent Madhya Pradesh in the Olympic Games going to be held in Tokyo this month. Vivek Sagar, a player living in a small village here, has been selected for the Indian Hockey team. Vivek is happy, but the whole village is dancing with joy. Everyone is praying that the Indian hockey team returns home with a gold medal.

Hoshangabad Every player’s dream is to play for the country. Especially when this dream of a player from a small village in a district like Hoshangabad is fulfilled, his happiness knows no bounds. A similar dream of Vivek Sagar, a resident of Chandon, a small village in Itarsi tehsil, has been fulfilled. Now he will play for the country in the Olympics on behalf of the Indian hockey team.

dream come true
On being selected in the team for the Olympic Games, Vivek says that his biggest dream has come true. Now all you have to do is give your best for the country. The Indian hockey team will leave for the Tokyo Olympics from India on July 17. India’s first match will be against Australia. Hockey player Vivek Sagar Prasad, who hails from Chandaun village of Hoshangabad district, is participating in the Olympics for the first time.

golden journey to success
Born in a middle-class family, Vivek’s father Rohit Prasad is a teacher. Vivek has represented the country by joining the Indian team in other competitions including Vivek Commonwealth Games in 2018, Youth Olympics, Asian Games and Ajnal Shah Hockey Tournament Test Series in 2019. Chandaun village is about 10 km from Itarsi town of Hoshangabad district. Vivek Sagar has captained the Indian junior hockey team. He is an Indian field hockey player who plays as a midfielder for the Indian national team. Vivek has been awarded the title of Rising Star of the Year at the 2019 Hockey Stars Awards.

everyone is waiting for gold medal

Vivek has also played hockey in Itarsi’s Gandhi Stadium. With courage and the urge to achieve his goal, he made a place in the Indian hockey team and now the country is earning a name in the world. The entire hockey team, including Vivek, is working hard day and night in Bangalore camp to give India a gold medal by performing better in the Olympics this time. There is an atmosphere of happiness in his family on this achievement of Vivek. His coach and friends, including parents, family, say that by giving your best, illuminate the name of the country and the district.


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