Vishal Garg fired 900 employees out of the company in just two and a half minutes | This foreign boss of Indian origin fired hundreds of people while holding a Zoom meeting – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Many people of Indian origin work abroad, whose work is discussed from time to time. Recently Parag Agarwal was made the new CEO of Twitter, after which he was highly praised. But, another CEO of Indian origin who is not being praised. Rather people are criticizing his decision. Actually, he laid off 900 employees of the company in just two and a half minutes of zoom video calling.

Vishal Garg, Founder and CEO of remains a topic of discussion on social media. Because he snatched the jobs of 900 employees of his own company in just two and a half minutes and made everyone unemployed. People are calling him Khadoos Boss.

What does Vishal Garg do?
Vishal Garg is the founder and CEO of and he provides a range of services to homeowners including home loans. According to LinkedIn, Vishal is also the founding partner of One Zero Capital, an investment holding company.

Doing such pruning for the second time
According to a report published in Navbharat Times, Vishal Garg is doing this for the second time in his career. Although they feel very bad doing this. When Vishal had taken such a tough decision for the first time, he also cried. At that time he wrote, “You act too slowly, you’re like a bunch of stupid dolphins… so just do it… just do it… just do it… you’re embarrassing me.”

Reasons for retrenchment of employees
If Vishal Garg is to be believed, he had to be very strong to take such a decision for the second time in his career. Because when he took such a decision for the first time, he cried. But this time he has become stronger. He enumerated many reasons and said that, keeping in view the market, productivity and production work, we laid off about 15 percent of the employees of the company.

Helped in Corona period
During the Corona period, when the world was struggling the most, at that time Vishal showed a lot of kindness and got a lot of discussion. At that time they have been discussed positively. Let us tell you that Vishal had donated two million dollars to improve the online learning of New York City Public School students during the pandemic. The money was used to buy Chromebooks, iPads, WiFi hotspots, books and clothes for economically weaker children.


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