Viral Video: Woman arrived in bikini to catch flight at airport, people said- ‘At least she is wearing a mask!’

Social media is a very strange place. Here often such things come in the discussion which are very strange. Many photos and videos related to humans and animals are becoming very viral. Recently another strange thing is going viral on social media. At an airport, a woman was seen going to catch her flight. Now you will say what is strange in this. So let us tell you that the woman came to catch the flight wearing only bikini and mask.

You must have been shocked after reading this. Let us tell you what is this whole matter after all. There is an account Humans of Airlines on Instagram. Viral videos, photos and memes related to airports and flights are shared on this account. Recently this account shared a strange video (Weird Video). In this video, a girl is seen going to catch her flight inside the airport. The girl is seen leaving from the baggage counter when someone makes a video of her. The girl is wearing only a green bikini and has a face mask on her face. The people present there are getting shocked seeing this scene. Everyone is definitely looking at the girl once in a turn. By the way, such a scene is rarely seen at the airport. According to reports, this scene is from an airport in America, but it is not known at which airport the woman has been seen.

Very funny comments of people are coming on the video. One person wrote- “At least the girl is wearing a mask.” The other said- “It has never happened before that I am so eager to sit on a flight.” One user even jokingly said that it would be easy to check the woman at the security gate. Someone said that traveling with less luggage keeps the environment safe while some people are criticizing the woman. One said that the woman is doing this just to attract the attention of others. A few days ago, a video went viral on the social media site Tiktok, in which a flight attendant was telling that one should not travel wearing short clothes on the flight because there are many germs on the flight, which can cause many types of infections on the body. There is danger.

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