Viral Video: The saloon man made such a song, as soon as he heard the person started crying bitterly

The man wept while getting his hair done in the salon.

Viral Video: In this 30-second video, about 27 seconds the person remains in a state of crying. This video has been shared more than 300 times till the news is written.

new Delhi. A video is going viral on the social media platform Facebook, in which a person reaches the salon and then starts crying after a song is played there. Actually this video has been posted on the Facebook group of Make Joke of (Kanpuriya Masti) ‘Make joke of (Kanpuriya Masti) by a user named Ashok Sahu. Along with the post, he has written, ‘There is only one request from the salon people not to sing such songs.’

It is seen in the post that a person has come to the salon to get his shaving done and as soon as he reaches the hairdressing, then he starts crying after listening to the song playing there. After this, all the people present there start laughing.

The song playing in the saloon, “Stranger you are, non hum ho will not be able, for the sake of someone, you have forgotten your loved ones” as soon as he listens, he starts crying by putting a sore throat on his face and The barber who is shaving also starts laughing away from there. In this 30-second video, about 27 seconds the person remains in a crying state. Till the time of writing the news, this video has been shared more than 300 times, while in its comment section, people have either written a lot of funny things or are tagging some of their friends etc. with the post, so that they too Enjoy the video.


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