Viral: This video will make your day, a bang group dance on Shahrukh’s Chaiyya Chaiyya

There is something else about Bollywood songs. Wherever you are, if you want to dance (Dancing Numbers of Bollywood), then it is not fun if you do not play some iconic songs. One such song is Shah Rukh Khan and Malaika Arora’s dance number Chaiyya Chaiyya. A latest version of this song (Viral Group Dance Video) has been shared by some friends on Instagram. If you have not seen this video (Viral Dance Video), then believe me you are missing something.

In the video, a group of 4 friends are seen dancing in their own style to the song Chaiyya Chaiyya from the movie ‘Dil Se’. In the song, where Shahrukh and Malaika danced with a group on the train, these friends are showing their flair on a camping van. This video is a little different from the original song, but it looks very beautiful to watch.

Desi song shown abroad
This video has been shared from Instagram account named jainil_dreamtodance. The video has been shared by Janil Mehta. She herself is a dancer and choreographer. The video was made during a trip to Los Angeles. Let us tell you that this song has been very famous in the 90s and its dance steps are still very much liked by the people. Seeing the four friends dancing to the tune of AR Rahman, you will also feel like dancing. Although you must have seen all the Instagram reels on this, but this reel is really special.

People lavished love fiercely
Seeing the video, people have shared it a lot and have also given it a lot of love. So far, the video has got about 38 thousand likes and people are also commenting on it. One user wrote that the dance is very spectacular and wonderful. Another user wrote that he would love to see this version of the song. One user wrote that this dance made his day.

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