Viral: Man celebrated birthday with stray dogs, got applause on social media

Videos that go viral on the Internet also include videos related to animals. People also like them a lot. Especially if the videos are related to dogs, then people’s love rises a little more on them. One such video is currently being liked by people on social media, in which a person can be seen celebrating birthday with dogs.

Most of the videos you must have seen related to dogs so far are of dogs and their owners. Somewhere the dogs are displaying their unique skills and somewhere they are showing loyalty to their owners. Some people do not hold back from showering their love on street dogs apart from pets. In the video going viral, a person is seen doing the same thing.

cake cut with dogs
In the video going viral, a man can be seen with two dogs. He is sitting on the stairs with both the dogs. First he puts a birthday cap on their head and then opens a packed cake and starts putting candles on it. After lighting the candle properly, he cuts the cake and sings the birthday song. The interesting thing is that even after seeing the food items, both the dogs are sitting very comfortably, as if they have faith in the person that the cake has been brought for them. Then this person takes out cakes for both the dogs in separate plates and starts feeding them with love.

People showered love on the video
This video has been shared from Avneesh Sharan’s Twitter account. The caption has been written with the video – Best Birthday Party. The video is getting a lot of love from people on social media. So far more than 7.9 lakh people have seen it and 6.5 thousand people have liked it. The video has been retweeted thousands of times. Commenting on this, people have praised this person and described this birthday party as the best.

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