VIDEO: Tanushree Dutta’s look viral after loss of 15 kg

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta is once again ready for a comeback in Bollywood. Indication of this is being found in the latest video of the actress. Actually Tanushree Dutta was spotted in Andheri for a meeting, during which she looked very slim fit. Seeing the transformation look of the actress in the video, you will miss her debut film ‘Aashiq Banaa Aapne’.

It is worth mentioning that Tanushree had won a lot of accolades for her boldness and beauty in the first film itself, but over the years she had changed so much that it was difficult to recognize her. Tanushree had gained 15 kg weight. Tanushree has worked hard to lose weight. The result of which is in front of you.

In this video surfaced, you can see that Tanushree is looking very beautiful in a black dress. Seeing the joy of his face in the video, it seems that he is very happy to get his toned curvy body as before. In the video, Tanushree has started looking like before.

It has been many years for Tanushree saying goodbye to cinematography. In such a situation, seeing the look of Tanushree Transformation, people say that she is ready to return to Bollywood soon.

Tanushree Dutta, who made her debut with the film ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ in 2005, has given many films to Bollywood. She appeared in films like ‘Chocolate’, ‘Rakib’, ‘Dhol’, but then one day suddenly she said goodbye to the industry and the film disappeared from the screen. In the year 2018, Tanushree activated the campaign of Meetu Movement in India, after which she was once again in the headlines.


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