Video: China and Indian Army face-off on the border, Indian Major gave such an answer when asked a question

video surfaced from border

In the video that surfaced, it can be seen that a Chinese soldier wearing a PPE kit is seen questioning the officer of the Indian Army. This video has been shared by Twitter user Neeraj Rajput on his official handle. In the clip, the Indian Army officer named as ‘Major Keen Kumar’ when asked by a Chinese soldier, while on the other hand, in the video, an SFF commando of the Indian Army recognizes a Chinese Tibetan soldier and the two have a normal conversation.

Soldiers found doing banner-drilling

Soldiers found doing banner-drilling

Although OneIndia Hindi team does not confirm where the video is from, but looking at the media reports and the geographical situation, the viral clip appears to be of the LAC adjoining Arunachal Pradesh. In the video, soldiers of both the countries are seen doing banner-drilling. Let us tell you that banner-drills are often done on behalf of Chinese and Indian soldiers on the LAC. This drill is done when the soldiers of India and China come in front of each other while patrolling.

Why did the Indian officer tell his name 'Keen'?

Why did the Indian officer tell his name ‘Keen’?

The video looks friendly, with officers from both sides talking to each other in a funny way. Let us tell you that the Indian officer jokingly told the Chinese soldier his name as ‘Major Keen Kumar’. In fact, when the army answers a lot of questions and answers, it is called Mr. Keane, but on asking the question of the Chinese soldier here, the Indian office gave its own name as ‘Keen’.

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