Video: A person cut tomatoes with the edge of chocolate, the spectators were surprised

We get to see many such videos (Viral on Internet) on the Internet, which are surprising. One such video is going viral on the internet these days, in which a man cuts tomatoes with the edge of chocolate instead of a knife. Seeing the unique art of this person, people are not able to believe their eyes.

Till now you have never seen chocolate so sharp that it can cut anything, at least tomato cutting edge is not there in it. Nevertheless, this person first sharpens on KitKat chocolate and then takes the knife job with great confidence.

People could not believe their eyes
In the video going viral, it can be seen that a person takes a fresh piece of Kitkat chocolate and sharpens it. He is also telling in the video how to sharpen the edge of chocolate. Once the edge of the chocolate is sharp, he takes a cherry tomato and cuts it into two pieces on sight. After watching this video, many people have lost their senses, while many people are looking very confused.

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How did this amazing happen?
This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named @whathowwhystudio. This video has been viewed millions of times so far. Many people are liking this video, while many people are calling it a useless video. A user has commented – ‘This is really good.’ At the same time, another user has commented that ‘People do anything on Instagram.’ Overall people are liking the video.

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