Vi users get free ₹ 49 plan, double talk time in ₹ 79 plan

Telecom company Vodafone-Idea (Vi) has brought special offers for its low-income users. Keeping in mind the corona epidemic, the company has announced to offer these users a pack of Rs 49 for free. The company currently has more than 60 million low-income users. The company is trying to keep its users easily connected to their families in this difficult time.

Benefit available in 49 rupees plan
In the Rs 49 pack of Vodafone-Idea, users get Rs 38 talk-time and 100MB data. Talk about validity, this plan of the company lasts for 28 days. Apart from offering the Rs 49 plan for free, the company has also brought a combo voucher by the name RC79.

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Benefit available in the plan of 79 rupees
In this combo voucher of 79 rupees, the company is trying to provide benefits to more and more users. In this plan, double talk time of 64 rupees + 64 rupees i.e. 128 rupees is being given. In this plan, which comes with a validity of 28 days, users also have the benefit of 200MB of data. This combo plan of the company will be available for a limited time only.

Airtel and Jio also have special offers
Apart from Vodafone-Idea, Airtel and Jio are also offering special offers to low-income users. Like Vi, Airtel has also announced to offer these users a 49-rupee plan for free. It will get talk time of Rs 38 and 100MB of data with a validity of 28 days. Apart from this, Airtel is also offering a plan of Rs 79, in which talk time of Rs 128 and 200MB data is available. The validity of this plan is 28 days. After the benefit is over, users will have to pay 60 paise per minute for calling and 50 paise per MB for data.

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Live is giving another plan free on one plan
Talking about Reliance Jio, the company is giving special benefits to Jio phone users. In this, users are being given another plan free on recharge of one plan with free talk time of 10 minutes. With the purchase of the plan, the second plan, which is available for free, will be activated after the validity of the first plan is over.

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