Veer Sahu was bitter at first sight for Sapna Chaudhary, then the color of love rose like this

Haryana’s ‘Desi Queen’ Sapna Choudhary is very active on social media. Sapna, who rules over millions of hearts with her dances, is the queen of dreams of Veer Sahu. People were shocked in the news of their marriage. Both of them got married secretly in the year 2020. However, the reason behind this was also revealed. But do you know how the love story of Sapna Choudhary and Veer Sahu grew and started.

The Nain of Veer Sahu and Sapna Choudhary did not fight at once. When Veer Sahu met Sapna for the first time, he was not very much liked. Veer Sahu also felt bitter at first sight for Sapna Chaudhary. Talking about their relationship, Sapna herself disclosed about it in an interview.

Sapna Chaudhary told about Veer that as his name is, so is his work. Talking about his relationship with Veer, Sapna Choudhary had said that in the year 2015-16, for the first time, they met in a program of Ladwa Gaushala in Hisar. For the first time, Sapna felt brave. He was such a man who did not like to talk to anyone and did not like to joke with anyone.

Sapna further told that they had met at an award show, but then she ignored them. But when Sapna talked to Veer, he became shy and started thinking that now he will have to talk. Then Sapna realized that she was not bitter. Then Sapna and Veer started understanding each other.

At the same time, Veer Sahu expressed his heart about Sapna. He said that whatever he may be in the eyes of the world. They are everything to me. Veer further said that for me the dream is only my dream, she is my friend. He said that earlier I used to think that Sapna Chaudhary is just an artist, but when I got to know Sapna closely, I came to know that she is completely different in personal life from the rest.



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