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Valentine Day 2021: Valentine’s Day celebration is a special occasion to express your love. Although most people go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate this day and buy roses, chocolates, jewelery and plan a fancy date, it is not easy to do this during Kovid-19. In many areas, new strains of Kovid-19 have come and they are coming out as a very big problem. In many places, people are still afraid to get out of the houses. In such a situation, you may have to work hard for Valentine’s Day celebration. In the era of Corona virus, why not follow some such tips by following social distancing so that your Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in a different way.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day during Kovid’s time

Baking and Home Activities
You can bake cakes and cookies with your hands and surprise the partner. Baking is different from normal cooking and you can do it as a group activity. Apart from this, you can plan home activities like Treasure Hunt and Date at home. Your whole day can be spent at home in fun activities.

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Home Spa
Nowadays many services offer home spa and you can do home spa planning without any interference. You can use some sheet masks, snacks, magazines, aroma therapy, candles and light music, spa creams. You can decorate your room with lots of flowers at home and give treatment to expensive spas outside.

Home Cinema Night
If you want to spend a very romantic night with your partner, then you can also enjoy a good movie with a fancy dinner. You can prepare gifts in advance and you can enjoy a movie night at home by ordering food at home from your favorite restaurant. You will find a lot of good movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar online movie streaming apps.

Give these gifts on Valentine’s Day in Kovid-19 round
Many things have become stable due to Kovid and during this time we need to be a little creative to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Why not do something that makes the partner feel good.

Plants can be the best
Plants can prove to be the best way to tell their feelings. From rose to mogra, there are aromatic flowering plants or air purifying plants all show much care.

Customized valentines day gift
You can give customized gifts to your partner. From photo frames to kitchen items and miniature statues, there is a lot that can be made on the Valentine’s Day theme. If you want to impress someone, then photo montage can also be arranged by decorating the room with fairy tail lights. This simple method will be cheap and very impressive too.

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Rings, neck chains can be a very good option for both women or men. These days, the prices of gold and silver have come down a bit and this can be considered as a very good investment and an expansive gift.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)


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