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Valentine Wishes: Valentine Week 2021 is starting on 7 February i.e. tomorrow. Valentine Week is very special for those who love. Actually, this is the time when they are able to express their love to their partner with full confidence. Valentine Week lasts for a full week i.e. 7 days from 7 February to 14 February. For those who love, Valentine’s Week is no less than a festival. For this whole week, you can express your love to your partner in different ways.

Are you also thinking of telling your heart to your partner in this Valentine’s Week. But like every time, are we still confused? On this Valentine’s Week 2021, we have brought some special love messages for you, Valentine Wish and Valentine Images …

Send love messages on valentines

1. Living with you, you have become one

Talking to you has become a habit.

If you do not meet one day, then you feel restless.

Friendship has played, love has become like you.

Happy Valentine Day 2021
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2. I think of something if you think

If you say something, your name comes.

How long should I hide my heart

I love you on every one side.
Happy Valentine Day 2021

3. I just had a wish, which became Hasrat,

Once you had friendship with me, now love has become.

This is how you got involved in life,

Just thinking of you has become my habit.
Happy Valentine Day 2021

4. Let’s give silent love a name today

Give your love a sweet result.

The weather before we get angry

Give your throbbing wishes a beautiful evening.
Happy Valentine Day 2021

5. For a moment when you come near,

Every moment of mine becomes special.

This life seems like a decoration,

Whenever you smile in my arms.

Happy Valentine Day 2021
6. My heart wants to love you

Wants to express his love

Ever since I saw you, my love

Heart only wants to see you

Happy Valentine Day 2021

7. It is not in my power to tell me now

Just understand, the word is less love than it is ..

Happy Valentine Day 2021


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