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Valentine’s Day: Today is the sixth day of Valentine’s Week, which is Kiss Day. After this, on February 14, Valentine’s Day is waiting for every person who loves someone and wants to express their love. For those who love, Valentine’s Day is no less than a festival. For Kiss Day or Valentine’s Day, many people may have planned a dinner date with their partner and some also very cute surprise. But in this season of love, single people often miss a partner. In such a situation, it feels very strange in the mind at times. At this time, this ghazal of Nida Fazli may be fitting on you…

Where everyone does not get complete, sometimes there is no land or sometimes there is no sky…

He must have written this Ghazal for those people who will be worried about any deficiency in life. Many people will complain that if they had this thing then life would have been more beautiful. But it is equally true that when you will be happy only then you will be able to liven up your surroundings. Are you also in trouble for being single on this Valentine’s Day? If yes, then why don’t you try to make this valentine special for yourself this time because it is not necessary every time a prince of dreams or a princess comes. In such a situation, the responsibility of keeping oneself happy and taking care of oneself should be taken on its own. Let’s know how you can make this Valentine’s Day special for yourself …

1. Make Massage:

Due to daily tiredness, many times we are unable to give time to ourselves and are disturbed by problems like all the time. This fatigue has a direct effect not only on the body but also on the mind. In such a situation, if you want, take a body massage at home on Valentine’s Day off so that you can feel a little relaxed. When you are massaged with essential oil by a trend beautician, you will not only feel your body but also your mind.

2. Take care of hair:
Often we forget to take care of our hair in the rush of going to office. In such a situation, the condition of the hair is disturbed due to sunlight, dust and soil. Apply a hair pack on your hair or massage with oil on Valentine’s day. This will nourish your hair. After this wash the hair. After this, do not forget to use conditioner.

Take care of hair in valentine week

3. Read something positive:
Many times office talk or any negative thoughts dominate the mind and due to lack of time, we forget to work on our mind. To get rid of it, read a positive and informative book. This will not only increase your knowledge, but your mind will also remain positive.

4. Make yourself a priority:
Many a times, people do not feel bad or things do not go wrong because of this, we do not resist things even if they feel wrong and do not take a stand for ourselves. By doing this many times people start dominating us which has a profound effect on our personality.

In such a situation, let this valentine decide that you are your first priority. Think about yourself before thinking about anything.

Let this valentine decide that you are your first priority.

Let this valentine decide that you are your first priority.

5. Home is fragrant:
The fragrance brings a positive feeling. So why not make this valentine drench your house with this feeling. In the evening, burn fragrant candles and incense sticks in the house and light your dim light by applying your favorite music. If you want, you can also use the Diwali on the Diwali. Dance to the beats of the song or feel relaxed and relax in the room.


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