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Valentine Day 2021: Do you live alone on valentines day If you do not have a partner for the Valentine’s Party, then there is no need to worry. Now you can get a boyfriend on rent. Let us tell you the story of Boyfriend On Rent Shakul. Humans Of Bombay has brought his story to everyone. “I never had a girlfriend in my life. I wanted someone to say ‘yes’ to me, only once. If there was a synonym for the word rejections, it was my name. I would see my friends going on a date.” I used to get very sad and then suddenly I started hanging out with myself. I can feel the feelings of people who have been alone all their life. How much can someone love themselves and Valentine’s Day, even one My inability to have a girlfriend was clearly indicated.

It used to bother me that the couple’s saying to each other I love you. It is not that I have never talked to girls before, but women always saw me as a ‘friend’. After this I started thinking about all those girls who used to live in the lust of a partner like me on Valentine’s Day. So for the last 3 years, I am becoming a Boyfriend On Rent on the day of 14 February. I put a post online in which I wrote – I am a liberal and open minded man. I am available to hold your shoulder or make friends on this Valentine’s Day. I can help you as your makeup practice model or if you want to relax then I can also cook your food.

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I received messages from many interested women on this. If I tell the truth, I have no shame in being a ‘hired boyfriend’. I once went on a date with a girl who cried a lot and expressed her insecurities. He told that people did not ask him because of his weight. Another girl requested that she was having trouble working. Can you hug me Sometimes, they want to feel a person by holding their hand. I take all my dates to a fancy restaurant. When I drive, I sing songs with them. I share their loneliness.

My favorite date was a girl I went trekking with. We talked openly about the meaning of life. I befriend my dates but I was ridiculed online and people who troll called me ‘Jigolo’. My parents look at me as if I have taken any wrong step. He says that it is not a part of Indian culture. I don’t think people get me to do this. Actually those who feel lonely want someone to be with them. Even though I do not have any girlfriends, but in the last 3 years I have met some amazing women at 45 dates. It is true that when two lonely people are together, it becomes even more special.


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