Uzbekistan warns Tajikistan, return Afghan plane or be prepared to face consequences

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Afghanistan’s acting Defense Minister Mullah Muhammad Yacoub Mujahid warned Tuesday that Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will have to return Afghan planes and helicopters, or else they face the consequences. Khama Press has given this information in one of its reports. Speaking at a gathering of Afghan pilots and Afghan Air Force personnel, Yakub Mujahid said that the planes and helicopters flown by Afghan pilots to neighboring countries after August 15 belong to Afghanistan, so they should be returned.

“We may be relatively weak compared to our neighboring country, but we are not cowards and are taking into account every single spare part of our planes and helicopters,” the acting defense minister said. I respectfully ask them to return our planes and helicopters and they should not test our patience. The son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar, Yakub Mujahid thanked all the engineers, staff and pilots of the Afghanistan Air Force for not leaving his country and reactivated the army as well as asked the Afghan pilots to return to the country.

Mullah Muhammad Yacoub further stated that they are working for an independent air force, which is reliable without any foreign aid and will be used to defend the people and the borders of Afghanistan. The report said that like other IEA officials, Yakub also asked Afghans who had left Afghanistan to return to the country. The minister appealed to such people to return to Afghanistan and cooperate in the development of their country.



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