User asked Rashmi Desai – You have to see the role of a police officer? You should also send questions in Q&A session

Rashmi Desai

new Delhi:

The famous TV actress Rashmi Desai is known for her acting as well as impeccable style and style. Actresses rule the hearts of fans through their social media posts. Rashmi Desai takes time out of her busy schedule and also conduct Q&A sessions with the fans. During this time, the fans ask the questions that are arising in their mind and the actress answers them. Rashmi Desai (Rashami Desai) has again given fans the opportunity for Q&A. So why can you also ask them questions through #AskRashami.

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Rashmi Desai has tweeted in this regard: “My dear friends. The time has come for Q&A session again. Whatever you feel you can ask me through #AskRashami.” In this episode, the fans are seeking answers to many questions from them. One of those users, whose name is Sharmila Shankar, has asked Rashmi that “I want to see you in the role of a police officer. Will you do such a role in future?” Now it has to be seen what the actress answers this question.

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Please tell that these days Rashmi Desai is very much in discussion about her style. She is often seen sharing pictures and videos related to her glamorous photoshoot. Talking about Rashmi Desai’s workfront, she was last seen playing an important role in Naagin 4. Rashmi Desai won a lot of hearts with her character in Naagin 4 too. Rashmi Desai was earlier seen in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. While staying in Bigg Boss house, the actress had left no stone unturned in making headlines.


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