Use these recipes to increase immunity early in corona infection

Immunity Booster Recipes: The havoc of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic has brought us all in panic. Be it any kind of fever, thousands of fears arise in the mind. This is the reason that today everyone is taking different types of medicines to increase immunity. By the way, in every type of fever, the body becomes weak. For this, the body needs high nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals. Although people usually do not feel hungry after getting fever, there is a lot of weakness and fatigue in the body. Loss of taste and smell is also common after fever. In such a situation, there is a need for nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals, from which the body recovers quickly and the body gets strength. To recover quickly after fever, Ayurveda doctor Dr Aparna Padmanabhan has shared some such recipes on Instagram, which will help in increasing immunity after corona infection. Know about these recipes-

recipe number 1
Take 500 grams rice, 800 milliliters water, one teaspoon cumin powder, two pinches of ginger and salt according to taste in a cooker. Take it off after taking two whistles. Then consume it. Along with immunity, this recipe will also bring strength.

recipe number 2
Boil 30 grams of rice. After this, cook 20 grams of moong dal in 800 grams of water. After this, apply two spoons of ginger powder, one spoonful of cumin powder, two pinches of black pepper powder, some mustard seeds and a little asafetida. Put desi ghee in it. Make it the way you want and then use it.

recipe number 3
Make 50 grams of roasted wheat and barley coarse. Put it in 800 ml of water. After this, add asafoetida, ginger, salt, carom seeds and cumin powder to it. Then cook in pressure cooker. After this add desi ghee to it. Use it now.

recipe number 4
Take 20 grams of rice. Add a teaspoon of cumin powder, a little rock sugar and a pinch of cinnamon powder to it. Cook it in a pressure cooker in 300 ml of water. After that use it.

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