Use of paracetamol during pregnancy can be heavy on the child

Paracetamol demerits during pregnancy: If you are in the habit of taking Paracetamol often, then be careful. daily Mail According to the news, pregnant women should not take paracetamol. Experts have warned that taking paracetamol during pregnancy can stop the development of the fetus in the stomach and can cause many disorders. News18 is not making any claim about the effect of any medicine on the mother and child including Paracetamol. We are giving information related to this according to the report published in Dailymail. In dozens of research, paracetamol has been linked with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, autism, language problems in girls, and decreased IQ. Researchers in Denmark have analyzed evidence from these studies and found that taking paracetamol during pregnancy can inhibit the development of the unborn baby. In view of the side effects of paracetamol, researchers cautioned pregnant women to use paracetamol only after consulting doctors in very difficult situations.

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91 scientists warned against paracetamol
Actually, paracetamol medicine is very cheap, which women take in any kind of pain without consulting a doctor. 65 percent of women in the US use this drug in some way or the other during pregnancy. Expressing concern on this matter, 91 scientists have warned women who become mothers not to do so. This study has been published in Nature Review Endocrinology. Citing several research in the study, it has been told that the use of paracetamol during pregnancy causes neurological disorders in children.

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effect on reproductive organs
This study has been done on the effect of paracetamol on humans and animals under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Christensen of the University of Copenhagen. In this, based on data from 1995 to 2020, it was concluded that the use of paracetamol during pregnancy affects the mental ability of children and affects their ability to learn. Research has also found that the use of paracetamol can lead to reproductive and urogenital disorders in the child. In this, the urethra (urinary orifice) of the child does not open at the tip of the genital organ. There is also a risk of testicular cancer in many cases.

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