US President Joe Biden announced, said – Vaccination mandatory for employees – Biden makes vaccination mandatory for employees of companies. US President Joe Biden announced, said – vaccination is mandatory for employees

Digital Desk, New York. US President Joe Biden announced that we are losing patience with the resistance to vaccination against COVID-19. He has ordered companies with at least 100 employees to get all of them vaccinated or test hold-outs.

Citing an example, Biden said on Thursday that all federal employees and contractors would also be asked to get vaccinated or tested regularly. As the Delta variant fuels a surge in COVID-19 cases, Biden announced its far-reaching program to tackle the pandemic reaching schools and private businesses. In his address from the White House, Biden said the Labor Department would cover more than 80 million private sector workers requiring vaccination through an emergency rule.

He said that health workers will also be ordered to get vaccinated or get regular check-ups done. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), although vaccine doses are available free of charge to all people over the age of 12 in the US, about 26 percent of the eligible population has not been vaccinated. At least one dose of the vaccine has been given over 12 years to 208 million people, or 73.4 percent of them, while 177 million, or 62.5 percent, have been fully vaccinated.

A new wave of delta variant-driven Covid-19 cases threatens the economic recovery, prompting Biden’s strong action. We can’t let this progress happen without vaccination, undo it, back it, the president said. With high hopes of conquering the pandemic on Independence Day in July, the Covid-19 cases surged past 4.2 million cases last month and the number of infections per day crossed the 1,500-mark. “We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers,” Biden said. We are going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of employees who are vaccinated.

Some large employers in the US such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Goldman Sachs already have mandatory vaccinations for employees returning to work. Biden said while 90 percent of school staff have been vaccinated, he wants to do it 100 percent to protect children. To reach this goal, he said he would require vaccinations in school programs that receive federal funds and asked all governors to make vaccinations mandatory for all teachers and staff.

Biden’s proposal will certainly be opposed by many, including some from his Democratic Party base. Because opposition to vaccination is often presented as a political issue. The teachers union, which mutually supports the Democratic Party, is against requiring staff in the New York City school system to face vaccination or routine testing. won’t help us, I will use my power as president to get them out of the way.

Republican governors, Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, issued orders prohibiting schools from mandating the wearing of masks, but those orders have been temporarily blocked by courts, forcing schools to enforce the wearing of masks. permission has been obtained. Governors have threatened to withhold payments to schools mandating masks, and to counter this, Biden said, any teacher or school official whose pay is withheld for doing the right thing, we will have the pay that 100 percent will be reinstated by the federal government.

Biden said, if schools follow the science and implement safety measures, such as testing, masking, adequate ventilation systems for which we paid, vaccinations, then children can be safe from Kovid-19 in schools. Since the start of the pandemic early last year, the US has recorded a total of 40,600,763 and 654,576 deaths. Both these figures are the highest in the world, making the US the most affected country.



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