US crosses LoC and condemns terrorists with intent to infiltrate

Indian jawans patrolling along the Line of Control (File photo)

India and Pakistan Crossed the control line (LoC) between Infiltration Condemning the terrorists who intended to do so, the US on Thursday called on all sides to reduce tensions on both sides of the Line of Control, and to return to the 2003 ceasefire agreement.

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US State Department spokesman Ned Price told a journalist during a daily news conference, “We are closely monitoring the activities taking place in Jammu and Kashmir … There has been no change in our policies regarding the region … “We call on all sides to abide by the terms of the 2003 ceasefire agreement and reduce tension on the Line of Control …”

In response to a question, Ned Price said, “We condemn the terrorists who intend to infiltrate across the Line of Control … When asked how we will cooperate in this, then we will be in Kashmir and others Will continue to support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on the problems… ”

Price was asked what Foreign Minister Antony Blinken was going to do as part of efforts to ensure or ensure the ceasefire declared between India and Pakistan.

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