Urvashi Dholakia can marry again after 25 years, said- Children want to settle down

Urvashi Dholakia said this about marriage

Special things

  • Urvashi’s children want a second marriage
  • Got married only in 16 years
  • Raised Twins Alone

New Delhi:

Famous actress Urvashi Dholakia, known as Komolika, is still known for her negative role. Urvashi Dholakia was seen in Ekta Kapoor’s popular TV show ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’. It would not be wrong to say that no one has been able to play the negative character Urvashi as yet. Urvashi Dholakia is in the headlines for her professional life as well as her personal life. Actresses are very active on social media. He has a good fan following. Photos and videos of actresses go viral in the days to come.

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Please tell that the actress has two sons. But seeing the mother alone, they become very depressed. At the same time, his son wants his mother to marry and settle down. He gave this information in an interview to ETimes.

Urvashi got married at an early age
Urvashi got married at a very young age. At the age of 16, she was tied up in marriage. A year after their marriage, Urvashi gave birth to two twins. Urvashi got divorced after two years of marriage. After this, he raised both of his children alone. At the same time, both of Urvashi’s sons have grown up and they themselves want Urvashi to settle down.

Anuj was dating Sachdeva
Urvashi Dholakia has not hidden any secret of her life. She was dating TV actor Anuj Sachdeva till some time back. He also took part in Season 9 as a couple Nach Baliye.

Children talk about remarriage
Urvashi says that she was quite busy in her life. Professional life, children, home and their studies did not think about marriage because of all this. Whenever they started talking about marriage, I used to laugh. At the same time, both children want me to marry and settle down.

I am an independent woman, I want a husband like this
Urvashi Dholakia said that I feel that my marriage time is over so I don’t like to think too much on this issue, but if I get married then I am an independent lady, I want such a partner. Who understands my freedom not to bind me. I like to live up to my values.


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