Unlock 5 guidelines: Know when schools, cinema hall, will be opening

Unlock 5 guidelines: Know when schools, cinema hall, will be opening

Unlock 5 guidelines: Know when schools, cinema hall, will be opening

Hello visitors, Unlock 5.0 guidelines have been issued on Wednesday amid increasing cases of coronavirus. Because of the festive season, the government has expanded the exemption to unlock-5.0. Unlock 5.0 will start tomorrow that is Thursday. 


Under this, the government has allowed the opening of the cinema halls, entertainment parks, swimming pools from October 15. However, the cinema hall has been allowed to open with a 50 percent limit. For this, a separate SOP will be released by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 


According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the state governments will be able to choose on their own after October 15 to start schools and coaching institutes. However, parental consent will be required during this time.

The government view on festive season: Unlock 5 guidelines

Unlock 5 guidelines

For Indian festivals from October to November, such as Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, the Central Government has taken special concern in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that people should celebrate festivals with measures to prevent coronavirus. 

  • The central government has confirmed the opening of cinema halls and multiplexes from October 15. Along with this, swimming pools will also be opened for the practice of players.


  • The central government has also permitted to open the entertainment park with 50 percent of people.


  • The Center has permitted the state government to decide after October 15 to reopen schools and coaching institutes. However, it is important to take parental support before resuming the school and coaching centers.


  • The government has continued the strict lockdown in the Containment Zone till 31 October.


  • Laboratory and experimental works will be allowed only for Ph.D. and postgraduate students in the science and technology stream in higher education institutions. Those have been permitted to open from 15 October.


  • The Center has said that online and distance education will remain optional where school online classes are being conducted, it will continue. 


  • Only 100 people will be allowed to participate in social, educational, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, political, and other events.


  • There will be a strict restriction on people living in the Containment Zone joining these programs.


  • The Business to Business Exhibition has also been approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs with guidelines.


  • The lockdown has been extended till 31 October because of the rising cases of corona in Maharashtra. However, from October 5, hotels, restaurants, food courts, and bars will be opened with a 50% limit.
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