Tulsi ka kadha: Tulsi decoction is beneficial for health, many diseases will remain away

Tulsi ka kadha: Tulsi is full of medicinal properties. In such a situation, drinking its decoction is very beneficial for health. So let’s know. How does Tulsi decoction benefit you?

The decoction of basil is very beneficial for health during the rainy season. By consuming it, the toxic substances present in the body come out. Our immunity system is also strong. Therefore, decoction of basil can be consumed daily.

Actually, there is a risk of various types of infection during the rainy season. There is a fear of many minor diseases and colds. In such a situation, if you keep your immunity strong, then you can remain healthy. You can also consume basil decoction for this. Because it strengthens your immunity and keeps you away from many minor diseases. So let’s know. How you can make basil decoction easily at home.

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Prepare the decoction like this-

To make a decoction of basil, take water in a vessel. Add washed basil leaves to it. in this Add turmeric powder, clove and cinnamon powder and let it boil for about half an hour. When this water boils down to half. Then you can filter it and mix honey in it and consume it. This will strengthen your immunity and many minor diseases will also go away. If you want, you can consume this decoction like tea two to three times a day.

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Benefits of basil decoction-

Consuming Tulsi decoction is very beneficial for the body. Provides relief from cold, cough, sore throat etc. Tulsi for diabetic patients should drink a decoction ofDue to this, the sugar level remains under control and by drinking the decoction of basil regularly, the toxins of the body also come out.

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Digestive system will be strong

Our digestive system is strengthened by drinking basil decoction. There is no problem like constipation, acidity. Our stomach remains equal and even small fever protects us from viral infections.


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