#TrustYourVaccine: When I Applied Corona Vaccine

The largest research institute is the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and the most trusted hospital in the country (AIIMS)AIIMSName of the vaccine ()Corona vaccine) Should be associated with research, there can be no reason to not trust him. That is why I decided to become a volunteer in the third trial of a completely indigenous vaccine of the India Institute of Biotech, ICMR and NIV (National Institute of Virology).

There were three big reasons for making this decision…

1. Full trust in the scientists and doctors of the country.
2. The best way to check the rumors was to try the vaccine on yourself.
3. While reporting on the corona virus and vaccine for a year, there was no scope for doubt on the cocaine.

How was the vaccine?

CovaxineCovaxin) To be applied, I first filled the Volunteer form in AIIMS, in which I agreed that I was aware of the side effects and was ready to get the vaccine as a volunteer. The doctor consulted while filling the form. Weights were checked, noted, measured, blood pressure measured. Blood samples were taken to check if there was an antibody against corona in the body (this is important when doing research). While applying the vaccine, I am corona positive or negative, for this a sample of RTPCR test was taken.

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Reinserted needles

This was followed by an injection. Whether this injection is covaxine or a simple vaccine, it will be known only after the results of research. After this I was given an 8-page document, which is called Patient Diary Card. On this, the date of the next dose of vaccine is recorded and a place has been made to monitor the side effects. Hopefully there will be no specific side effects. On the first day, there was no problem other than pain like a needle prick for some time at the injection site. I will keep updating on different platforms of Zee News for the next 28 days and while applying the second injection.

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Covaxin is a vaccine of two doses

Let us tell you that Covaxin, like all other vaccines, is a two dose vaccine. A dose of 6MG is given for the first time. I have been given the first dose today. The second dose will take place in the first week of February. Another major reason for believing indigenous vaccine cocaine is that it has the highest number of volunteers involved in the trial. In the third phase, 26,000 people are being tried. This is done only when there is no specific problem in the first two phases.

Achievement like stepping on the moon

India is counted in developing countries. Whereas all other countries producing vaccines are USA, UK and Russia developed countries. For a country like India, starting with research and reaching the preparation of vaccine is no less than a dream. In a country where the bureaucracy is in every department, in the interest of the people, there is a budget crunch, in that country from the government, scientists, doctors and volunteers have played an increasingly positive role. This is an achievement like stepping on the moon for India. I am proud that I also have a detritus part in this achievement. I remember this achievement of India and my move as a citizen of India…

Krishna Bihari (Noor) has said-
I am a strand, I have a separate existence,
Haya kare, the sea is looking for me.

(Writer Pooja Makkar is the editor of ZEE NEWS, Delhi Bureau. The views expressed in this article are her personal views)


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