True Movie Review: Story is good, script is bad, acting is bad and ‘True’

True Movie Review: There is one thing to be seen in Telugu films – good stories. There was a time when the larger than life hero, the heroine just for dancing, the villain and his goons, the saddest parents and the very formulaic story in which the hero takes revenge on the villain and ends the sin. Now the stories are a bit modern, they have a new ideology, the hero does not try to be a super hero without talking and the heroine has also started playing important roles in the story of the film. Even the villains now look realistic. The film ‘True’, which was recently released on Amazon Prime Video, is a film that is better in terms of story than typical films, just if it was better in script and acting, then this film can become everyone’s choice.

The story of the film ‘True’ is its strongest aspect. Vignesh (Harish Vinay), a young investigative journalist, returns from London when he learns that his sarpanch father Madhusudan Reddy (Madhusudan Rao) has died of an electric shock. After hearing the whole matter, he feels that he should be investigated. While investigating, he finds many such evidence that it seems that his father has been murdered. There are many obstacles in the investigation, Vignesh is fatally attacked, he is threatened but he continues the investigation with the help of his friend and acquaintances of his father. When he reaches a girl with the help of a CCTV footage, a very big, dark and disgusting secret comes in front of him. Vignesh learns that his father’s death is a true story in which Vignesh has a big role to play and the entire village is busy convincing Vignesh that his father was not murdered. There is a big setback for Vignesh when he comes to know that his mother is also involved in all this.

The mystery that lies in the story is really eye-opening and can surprise any viewer. Unfortunately, the writer-director of the film, Mandala Siam, has missed out on making a good story a good script in his very first film. There are frequent scenes in the film where it seems that there is going to be an interesting twist in the story and now the murder mystery will be solved, but instead of solving the mystery, a new character comes into the story. Many times it seems that thrill and thrill will be seen in this story now, it is shown in a very cold way. When directors write scripts with some reality and some drama, they lean towards ‘real’ cinema and want the audience to think of them as a logical director. This is the misfortune of ‘True’ film.

The lead actor Harish Vinay is a very raw artist in the film. No emotion can stay on his face for long and because of this the audience does not feel the intensity. Always try unsuccessfully to get angry. Sometimes riding a bike like a typical film hero, chasing enemies, jumping in the air and avoiding bullets, but all these things do not support him in the story of the film. Such acrobatics are not expected from an investigative journalist. Harish is very disappointed. The role of the film’s actress Lavanya was fine but she is also a weak actress like Harish. Madhusudan Rao has performed better than the rest of the cast in the role of Sarpanch Madhusudan Reddy. The story is based on finding answers to the questions arising out of his life and death but his character is unbelievable.

Some things in the film seem a bit strange because most of the film is shot in the village and the way the medical facility is shown and the kind of hospital or treatment scenes are not possible. There is love between Harish and Lavanya but in the film he appears only in flashback and it is difficult to believe it a bit. Harish is fatally attacked by some goons of the village with double-barreled guns. Even when Harish catches a goon, the goon’s accomplices kill him and make the body disappear on sight. If the tattoos of goons are shown, it seems that now a clue will be found, but this does not happen. The way Madhusudan’s character behaves with his son has not been seen before in any film. This was the most powerful part of the story but it is shot in a very weak way.

The budget of the film may have been less, due to which many scenes have been shot quite strangely. With the advent of digital cameras, shooting has become easier, but it is also important to use the digital camera properly. This is the first film of cinematographer Siva Reddy and he needs to learn the work right now. And the same can be said about editor Janakiraman Rao Pamaraju. There is a novelty in this story, but the script and acting have not done justice to this story. The film should be seen for the story.


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