Troubled by low battery life of smartphone? These 5 tips will work big

Have you also been worried about charging the smartphone again and again? Many times, even during some urgent work, the battery of our smartphone runs out at such a time. But do you know that by making some changes in the settings of the phone, you can get relief from this problem to a great extent? Here we are telling you some tips and settings, through which you can improve the battery of smartphones.

Stop Background Apps
You may be using one app in the phone, but still some apps continue to run in the background. These apps also continuously consume your battery. In such a situation, it is important that you first identify such apps and then close them. For this, you have to go to the settings of the phone and go to Battery usage. Here you will know which app is using how much battery. You can also uninstall the app if it is not necessary.

Location Off
The location service in the phone also uses GPS and phone battery while it is on. Many times we turn on the location setting to use the maps or to know the current location, however forget to turn it off. At the same time, there are some apps that keep using it by taking access to your location. So when there is no need, keep the phone’s location closed.

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Keep Brightness Low, Use Dark Mode
Many times we overdo the brightness of the phone. This not only causes damage to the eyes, but also the phone battery is also used more. At the same time, now the dark mode feature has also come in most smartphones. Dark mode greatly helps in saving battery.

Set Screen on Time
You can also increase battery backup by keeping the screen on time of the smartphone to a minimum. Screen on time means how long the screen remains on when the smartphone is not in use. It is better that you keep a screen timeout of 10 or 15 seconds.

When the battery runs out?
If the battery of your smartphone is about to run out and you are not in a position to charge, there are some special features in the phone for such a time. You can use the Battery Saver feature present in the phone. Turn off mobile data if not needed. At the same time, some smartphones also get ultra-power saving mode, which allows only selected apps to be used when enabled.


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