Top 5 Role Of Vinay Pathak: 5 best roles of Vinay Pathak, who brought the character to life with his effortless acting

Vinay Pathak

New Delhi:

Actor, theater artist, TV presenter and producer Vinay Pathak has a different identity in Bollywood. His acting looks very smooth and natural. He has worked in more than 100 films till now and every character of his leaves a different impression. However, as compared to his acting ability, he has not got the position he should get. Today we are going to tell you about his five such best characters. In which he has proved that he is such a great actor.

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Asif Iqbal (Khosla’s nest)
Vinay Pathak did a very good performance in the 2006 film ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’. In this film, he played the character of Asif Iqbal and was seen in the role of a visa agent. Vinay’s comedy in the film made people laugh a lot.

Income Tax Officer Bharat Bhushan (Sent Fry)
Vinay Pathak played a funny character of an income tax officer named Bharat Bhushan in the 2007 film Bheja Fry. He made people laugh a lot with this character. This film of Vinay Pathak and his character was liked by the audience so much that in 2011 its sequel was made in the name of Bheya Fry 2.

Mannu Gupta (Come to Delhi)

The entire film revolves around the characters of Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta. Two people of two different types, trapped in compulsion, travel together till Delhi. In this journey, the audience gets to see some important philosophy of life along with a lot of laughter and laughter.

Former Freedom Fighter (Gaur Hari Dastan) If you think that Vinay Pathak can only do comedy, then you must watch Anant Mahadevan’s film Gaur Hari Dastan. Based on the biography of a veteran former Freedom Fighter, Vinay Pathak has lived this character to the best of his ability.

Amar Kaul (Dasvidaniya)

The 2008 film ‘Dasvidaniya’ is a great film, in which Vinay Pathak played a strong character named Amar Kaul. Actually Dasvidaniya is a Russian word which means goodbye. In this film, Amar Kaul comes to know that he has a serious illness, due to which he will die in a few days. After which he makes a list of his dreams and fulfills them before he dies.


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