Tooth pain started suddenly at night, treat with these 5 home remedies

Home remedies for toothache: Sometimes the pain in the teeth suddenly arises at night. The pain increases so much that nothing can be done. Actually, due to worms in the cavity of the teeth, not cleaning the teeth properly, due to infection in the gums, there is sudden pain in the teeth. Sometimes toothache becomes unbearable. If there is no medicine available in the house at night, then the problem gets worse. In this situation, using the things present in the house is the best solution. health line Some home remedies have been suggested in the news of toothache. You also know what are these home remedies-

If there is sudden pain in the teeth at night, then put any one of the cloves, guava leaves, mango bark, pecan seeds or bark, sweet potato leaves, sunflower seeds, tobacco leaves and ginger present in the house under the tooth. Keeping it gives relief from pain.

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Lemon can also be useful in toothache pain. Lemon is acidic in nature which can kill tooth worms immediately. For this, keep a piece of lemon where there is pain. There will be relief from pain.

Onion slice is also beneficial in toothache. The antimicrobial elements present in onions can remove the problem of teeth. Grind it and keep it under the tooth.

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Peppermint leaves along with its oil can also get rid of the problem of teeth. In case of sudden pain, applying peppermint oil in the tooth provides relief from pain.

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