Together with friends, a person churned burgers worth lakhs, if it was his turn to pay the bill, then such a gimmick

Having money does not mean that it should be used only for boasting. If money is spent on luxury, then it can also be spent to help the poor. A British banker spent lakhs of rupees (Splashes Money on Party) on the party of friends without thinking, but giving a tip (Moaning over Service Charge) to the waiter got shocked that the social media ( Trolling on Social Media) started asking people for support.

A young banker named Enrique Moris, while going for a weekend party with friends, did not even once think about how much he was going to bill today. He spent £3,500 i.e. about 3 lakh 8 thousand rupees in Indian currency for this party. All the friends ate burgers together and had a drink. Now it was the turn of the party bill.

3 lakhs was fine, the mind wandered in giving 38 thousand
Enrique Moris has shared the story of his party and its bill on Twitter account. While sharing the bill, he has written that he wanted to fight with the staff there on the service charge of 10% in this. He had a party in Spain’s Costa Del Sol. He didn’t have a problem with the £3,500 he spent on the party, but he did have a problem with the 372 euros he added as a service charge. He attracted the attention of people by sharing a copy of this bill on Twitter.
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It didn’t happen at all as I thought
Now it was the turn of the people’s reaction. Enrique Moris thought that people would appreciate his lifestyle or get a little jealous on his such a huge bill. However here the reverse happened. People began to take a dig at him for not crying so much about paying a £372 service charge when he could spend a whopping £3,500 on drinks and parties. He also writes in his post that while he was leaving, the waiter came running to him, so that he would be given some tip. After reading this, his followers started his class. One user wrote – ‘Having money does not mean that a man will also have a class.’ Another person wrote that you want people’s support on this?

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