Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll: Today’s Chanakya claims 180 seats in RJD + account, JDU’s sweep clean

Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll: Today’s Chanakya claims 180 seats in RJD + account, JDU’s sweep clean

Patna / New Delhi. In the third and final phase of Bihar assembly elections (Bihar Chunav 2020) voting has ended in 78 seats in 15 districts. In the third phase, voters decided the fate of 1204 candidates in EVMs in 78 seats. According to the figures, by 5 pm, 48 percent of voting has been done and people got good enthusiasm for voting. Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll is coming out on whose government can be formed in Bihar with the end of the voting process.

According to the Bihar Elections Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll, the general public has rejected the NDA alliance in these assembly elections. While RJD has become the first choice of the people. According to the poll, 44 percent of the votes can go to RJD +, 34 percent of the votes to JDU +, and 22 percent to the account of others.

According to Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll, others are 4 to 4, BJP and JDU- while the RJD-Congress alliance is claimed to have won more than 180 seats.

In Bihar’s analysis of Today’s Chanakya, people were asked whether they want to change the government? On this question, 63 percent of people said that they want to change the government. At the same time, 27 percent of people said that they are happy with the Nitish rule, so they do not want to change the government.

Which issues had a decisive impact on voting?
Unemployment -35 percent
Corruption – 19 percent
Other- 34 percent

How would you rate the current Chief Minister?
Good – 21 percent
Average -29 percent
Bad -37 percent

Where will the castes go in this election?

Caste-JDU + RJD +

Yadav – 22% 69%
Muslim – 12% 80%
Other Backward Castes – 51% 30%

Through Today’s Chanakya Bihar Election Exit Poll, you can guess who the people of Bihar are trusting this time. Also, which party will be in power in Bihar this time. However, exit polls will not be the exact results of the Bihar assembly elections. Exit polls are based on estimates. The actual results will come on 10 November (Bihar election result date 2020), only then it will be known whose government is being formed this time in Bihar.

Nitish’s government was formed last time
In the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections, RJD won a maximum of 80 seats. In the second place was JDU, Nitish Kumar’s party, which won 71 seats. Apart from this, BJP got 54 seats, Congress 27, LJP 2, RLSP 2, HAM 1, and others 7 seats.

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