To prove himself alive, ‘The deceased took 18 years, how is the movie made on it’ Read the paper, yes

-Dinesh Thakur
The lion of Sudarshan Fakir is- ‘Give air to a rivalry that I am alive now / Make me feel that I am alive right now’. If someone is presumed dead in government papers, how can he prove that he is alive? It may sound strange, but it is an example of Lal Bihari from a village in Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh). Relatives colluded with officers to grab land and declared him dead in government papers. It took Lal Bihari 18 years to prove himself alive. He is famous as Lal Bihari ‘Deceased’. Satish Kaushik has created a ‘Kaagaz Movie’ on the strange story of this man. This film, which is sharp and bold, has come on the OTT platform on Thursday.

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The spatter of the ‘dead’ alive
Looking at the ‘paper’, Krishna Chander’s story ‘Jamun tree’ kept reminiscing intermittently. A tree of berries falls on a man in it. He keeps chopping under the tree. The file keeps rotating in many government departments regarding who will remove the tree. Red tape is a virus in our system, whose vaccine has not yet been prepared. Bharat Lal (Pankaj Tripathi) (Pankaj Tripathi), the hero of the ‘paper’ who has been declared dead in government papers, is also struggling with this system. He has sent a complaint from DM to PM to prove himself alive. The police station has traveled from court to assembly. The children of the village tease him by calling him a ‘ghost’. In government departments, he is called ‘Sirfira’.

Unnecessary dance songs and banter
Satish Kaushik has a good grip on comedy. The basic rhythm of ‘paper’ is comedy. But in this comedy, the pain and troubles of the simple rustic Bharat Lal are also turning around. During the interludes between dance and non-essential Bhagdor scenes, it seems that Satish Kaushik is making the subject a bit lighter. By the time he reached the climax, he also lost his grip on the film. Had he been able to handle the last reels like the rest, it would have been a complete film highlighting the weaknesses of the system.

Pastoral band master incineration
In terms of acting, ‘Paper’ is completely Pankaj Tripathi’s film. In the character of the rustic band master, he mixes like sandalwood in water. Initially, when he instructs Sajinds to practice the tune of ‘Bahar Phool Barsao’, one cannot say that this person is not the band master of the village. Monal Thakur is fine in his wife’s role. Mita Vasistha appeared after a long time. There was a case of ‘Yeh kya aane mein aana hai hai’. Satish Kaushik also played the role of a lustful lawyer. Perhaps he was so busy directing that he could not pay much attention to acting.

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Scene excessively long, dialogue sharp
The film’s screenplay required some more effort. Some scenes are excessively long. He hinders the pace of the film. The dialogues are definitely sharp. For example, Pankaj Tripathi says at one place – ‘It was easy for Rama to kill Ravana, because he had ten heads. The system does not know how many heads are there. In a court scene, he argues – ‘You will hear the paper that of humans? Heart beats in human chest that in paper? Children and children are of paper that of humans? ‘ If the same edge was in the script, ‘paper’ could have been a better film. Nevertheless, it is slightly different from the common masala films. Exposes the insensitivity of the system to some extent, which makes every common and special have to struggle at some time.

0 film: paper
0 Rating: 3/5
0 Duration: 1.49 hours
0 Story, Direction: Satish Kaushik
0 Screenplay, Dialogues: Imtiaz Hussain, Ankur Suman, Shashank Khandelwal
0 Photography: Arkodeb Mukherjee
0 Music: Pravesh Malik, Rahul Jain, Caesar
0 Artists: Pankaj Tripathi, Monal Gajjar, Mita Vashistha, Satish Kaushik, Amar Upadhyay, Neha Chauhan, Vijay Kumar, Brajendra Kala etc.


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