To maintain fitness in winter, include these important things in the diet

Fitness During Winter: Winters are about to start, so it is important to take care of your fitness and include some things in your diet. Which will not only warm your body but will also make you beautiful. Along with this, your fitness will also be right. There are many such things in desi food, which along with giving warmth in winter, also make you beautiful. And they also do not increase obesity. But special care should be taken that if you eat any thing in large quantity, then it is sure to be damaged. So whatever you eat, eat it in right quantity.


Such nutrients are found in poppy seeds. Which are considered very good for the brain. If you want, you can eat it like kheer or make its pudding. It will also give warmth in winter and will also sharpen your mind.


Walnuts help in reducing cholesterol. It contains fiber, vitamins and protein. You can definitely include it in your diet.

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Gajak made from sesame and jaggery is easily available in winters. Contains nutrients to survive the cold. Iron, phosphorus are found in jaggery and sesame contains calcium and fat. Which helps in protecting you from cold and also keeps your body temperature right.


As soon as winter starts, you will see that saffron milk, turmeric milk and date milk are often available in the market. Include them in your diet. This prevents cold and cough and gives warmth to the body.

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lentil laddus

Dal is not meant to be eaten with roti or rice, but dal laddus can also be made. In winter, you can make laddoos by mixing many pulses which will be very beneficial and will save you from cold.

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