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New Delhi: Due to the falling temperature in the D months, many people are worried and people are not able to do daily workout or exercise. In such a situation, there are some yogasanas, by practicing which you can protect yourself from the severe cold and can also fix the body temperature. The practice of these yogasanas is considered very beneficial in the winter season to keep the body warm along with keeping fit. Let us know about them.

Do these yogasanas to keep the body warm in the winter season
The winter season has started and in this season people adopt all kinds of measures to protect the body from cold. Due to winter there are many people who are not able to exercise or workout regularly. Regular practice of yogasanas can be very beneficial for such people. There are some yogasanas, which by practicing daily, you can protect yourself from cold. Let us know about them.

1. Naukasana

The word Naukasana is derived from two Sanskrit words. In which nauka means boat and asana means seat or seat. In the practice of this yoga asana, your body becomes in the position of a boat. This asana is a medium-grade yoga posture, which is being practiced since ancient times. From reducing belly fat to strengthening the spine, this yoga pose has many health benefits. Practicing Naukasana in the right way every day strengthens your lungs and also benefits the organs present inside the abdomen. In the practice of Naukasana, your body comes in the shape of the letter V of English. Its practice is very beneficial for your lower back abdomen, core and biceps and triceps and feet and ankles.

2. Headstand

Shirshasana is also known as Vrikshasana and Kapalasana. There are many benefits of headstand, that is why it is considered very useful. Shirshasana is practiced on the head. Before practicing this yoga posture, you have to try for its practice. It is considered to be one of the difficult asanas. The practice of this asana is considered very beneficial to cure the health of the whole body.

3. Setubandhasana

The name of Setubandhasana is made up of two words. First setu which means bridge and second bandha which means to bind. Regular practice of Setubandhasana is considered very beneficial for strengthening the back and spine. The benefits of regular practice of Setubandhasana are many, but especially it is very beneficial for the back and spine. Practicing this asana benefits your back, neck and spine and chest. In this, you stretch these parts of the body and its practice strengthens the muscles. By practicing this regularly, you can keep the body warm even in the winter season.

4. Kumbhakasana
Regular practice of Kumbhakasana is considered very beneficial for bones. Regular practice of this also strengthens your shoulder bones. Practicing it properly on a daily basis strengthens the abdominal and hip muscles as well as the spine. Practicing Kumbhakasana increases the body temperature in the winter season.


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