To earn lakhs from the government Kovid scheme, the person crossed the limit, created the story of his death

Washington. A Massachusetts man from America created a false story of his own death to take advantage of a government scheme of Kovid-19 (Covid-19 business aid scheme). After being found guilty, the court sentenced him to 56 months in prison.

David Stavele pretended to be a false co-owner of four big businesses to take the federal government’s plan and asked for a loan of about half a million dollars. When the matter opened last year, David got scared and he committed suicide and fled with his false identity and stolen license plate. David is the first person who cheated to get loan.

The public prosecutor told in the court that last year the US government had imposed an economic emergency and had run a plan to help the needy financially. But David tried to cheat in this. In this government scheme, the government started the US Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for small industries from March 2020 to May 2021. Such businesses were affected due to the epidemic, there was a plan to give loans at low interest rates.

Stavli, 54, and David Stavli, 53, had filed false applications claiming to be the owners of three restaurants and a company called Dockwireless. In fact, all three restaurants were already closed and Dock Wireless had no employees. Neither person had any ownership stake.

After the case opened, both the accused were arrested in May 2020 and Staveley was placed under house arrest after being charged.

A few weeks later, David Staveley disconnected his electronic surveillance device, according to the Justice Department. Left a suicide note with colleagues and family members. Parked his car by the sea. But those who knew him did not believe his suicide to be true. Federal investigators launched a search operation between May and July 2020.

During those three months, Staveley is said to have used false documents, stolen license plates and at least five different phone numbers to travel across the country and evade the authorities. US Marshals finally captured him on July 23, 2020, north of Atlanta, Georgia. He will spend four and a half years in jail, followed by three years of supervised release.

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