Tiger Woods saw his first photo of the stock 2 months after the accident, with the support of Baikashi

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods has shared his first photo on social media after the accident. In the photo shared on Friday, he is seen standing on the back of Baikhashi. Out of that, he is seen with his dog. This is his first picture since the accident in February. Woods’ car accident occurred on 23 February. After this, he was admitted to the hospital. In this accident, he had a leg injury. After the accident, Tiger Woods was saved due to airbags.

Tiger Woods shared the picture on Instagram and wrote that it is very good if your partner is a loyal animal during rehab. Man’s best friend. The accident on Woods’ SUV happened on February 23 when he was leaving Los Angeles. On the way there was an accident of Tiger Woods’ car near Robbing Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verids. According to media reports, the airbags saved Tiger Woods’ life. The airbags of his SUV opened at the right time, due to which he did not suffer much serious injuries.

Significantly, Tiger Woods has won 15 major professional golf competitions. These are the second highest achievement by any male player in the history of golf. He is the third golfer in the world to win 82 PGA Tour tournaments. Tidegar has been a former World No.1 and the most expensive professional player in the world. It was estimated that in 2010, it had earned more than $ 9 million from its wins and advertisements.

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