Those countries of the world, where dogs are worshiped, idols are made in temples like God

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal friends of humans. Since ancient times, many evidences of a unique relationship between humans and dogs have been found. But do you know that there are many such places in the world where dogs have also been given the status of God.
There is a long history of worshiping dogs in many places including ancient India, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Mexico. You will be surprised to know that there are many civilizations in the world where Puppy i.e. small children of dogs are also considered as gods. Many of these breeds are also very famous. As the worshipers of Anubis give him the status of ‘The God of the Dead’. At the same time, Cerberus is also known as ‘The Ferrocious Three Headed Puppy’.
We will talk about these Dog Gods here.


Let us first talk about the history of Anubis dogs and the mythologies associated with them. According to the information obtained from the discovery made about Ancient Egypt, Anubis is also called ‘Master of Secrets’ or ‘The Dog Who Swallows Millions’. It is said that he has been given this title because of being seen as the guardians of the cemeteries. The special thing is that in the pictures that were made to show them, their body is like a human but the head is of a dog.
Let us also tell you that even though his place was later given to the green-faced god Osiris, he still remained one of the gods of Egypt.

Anubis (Getty Image)

What is the belief associated with them?
Actually, according to the belief, Anubis appears in the last moments of life and after the death of a person, weighs his heart with Feather of Ma’at or Truth and if the heart of the deceased is heavier than this. If it leaves, then the deceased is handed over to a terrible monster.

According to the belief, this Egyptian Dog-God also plays an important role at the time of burial of a dead person. While burying the mummy, the priest opens the mouth of the deceased so that he can breathe and speak after death. In Pharaohs and Nobles, a statue of Anubis is usually kept near the mummy to protect them.


On the other hand, Anput, the wife of Anubis, who according to the belief had taken the form of a jackal. Let us tell you that Anuput is also depicted as a woman who is wearing a crown with a recumbent jackal on top on her head.


On the other hand, if we talk about Wepwawet, then they are shown in white or gray color. According to the information, he is the brother of Anubis. He is called ‘The One Who Opens the Way’, which is said to mean that the God who shows the way to the soul after the death of the creature.

Wavewave (Image Roland Unger)


One of the four sons of the Egyptian falcon-god Horus, the Duamutef dog is often found in canopic jars. These stone or pottery vessels housed the internal organs removed from the body during the process of mummification, and were buried in the tomb with the deceased. Let us tell you that in ancient times, getting hurt in the stomach during war was usually fatal. Duamutef became the protector of those who fell in this stomach and battle. It is worth noting that Duamutef’s name is derived from Who Adores His Mother Land.

Duamutef (Image Roland Unger)


There are many terrifying gods in the Aztec culture of central Mexico, but Xolotl is certainly considered the most feared. According to the belief, he is the god of fire and lightning, he is also the protector of demons and disease and he shows the way to the soul after the death of a person.

Jolotal (Image- Ancientpodcast)


In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva in the form of Bhairav ​​is accompanied by a dog named Shivan as his ‘vahana’ or mountain. Bhairav ​​means ‘terrible form’ and is known as a deity who destroys fear or drives away fear from his devotees.

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Ninsun, Gula and Bau

In ancient Sumer (modern Iraq), Ninsun, the Goddess of Healing, is also related to dogs. They are mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh (written around 2100 BCE), and over time they were merged with other ancient healing gods such as Gula and Bau. .


Hell-hound, the origin of Greek mythology, Cerberus protects the way to the Underworld. It is said that it has 3 heads.

Hell-hunter Cerberus (Image: Ian W Scott)


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