This was the reaction of Kangana Ranaut’s family on doing a film with Emraan Hashmi, father had threatened

New Delhi. Bollywood’s hot actress Kangana Ranaut remains in the headlines every day. His films are well-liked. She comes from a non-film background, yet she has achieved a big position in the industry. Till now she has given many hit films to Bollywood on her own alone. Kangana’s parents wanted her to become a big doctor, but she chose acting as her career. For this he left his home at the age of 15. But when her family members came to know that she is doing her first film with Emraan Hashmi, they were very angry.

Actually, Kangana started her career with the film Gangster released in the year 2006. The film Gangster was directed by Anurag Basu. Kangana had told about this in ‘The Anupam Kher Show’. She said, ‘I had given audition for Gangster. I was rejected because during that time my age was looking very young on camera. Everyone wanted to cast Chitrangada Singh. One day I got a call from Anurag Basu. He said- We have to go outdoors and Chitrangada’s phone is not working.

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Kangana further said, ‘Anurag told me that if we do a little make-up for you then you will be fine for this film. That’s how I got this film. When the family members were told that they had got the film, they became even more sad. He asked whose film did you get? I told him who had committed the murder. After that he asked me the name of the hero, then I told that Emraan Hashmi.

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Then Kangana told, ‘My family got frustrated after hearing this. The phone was about to drop in his hands. My father said that you are a minor now and how did you sign this contract? Come to Mumbai to get all your contracts canceled. Meaning they started threatening me on the phone itself. Then I talked to my mother and tried to convince her. I said that I have hardly got a film and they are also engaged in getting it canceled.


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