This secret was buried under the river for 16 hundred years, when the water cleared in lockdown, the truth came out

As soon as the water became clear, people’s eyes fell on the church submerged inside for years

Due to the lockdown in North-West Turkey, the level of pollution has come down significantly. Due to this, the water of Iznik Lake has become quite clear. As soon as its water became clear, people’s eyes fell on the church, which has been covered for 16 hundred years, which is now visible.

Coronavirus has caused a lot of devastation in the world. In many countries there was a shortage of space to bury the dead bodies. The figures of death and infection surprised everyone. To prevent the spread of infection, many countries imposed lockdown. Because of this, people were imprisoned in their homes. Because of this, people’s lives were greatly affected, but nature only benefited from it.

In the lockdown, the number of people from the factory to the streets decreased. Vehicles ran less, due to which the level of pollution was reduced significantly. Because of this, the water from the air to the rivers became clear. As a result of this, the church buried in Lake Iznik, located in Turkey, came into the public eye for 16 hundred years. Earlier, people had only heard of being a church. But everyone thought it was imaginary. Now as soon as the water became clear, the church also became visible.

Although the glimpse of this church was started from 2014 itself, but at that time it was covered with moss. Because of this people could not recognize the church. But due to the reduced pollution during the lockdown, the water of the river became clear and after the moss on the church was removed, the church was clearly visible. Now pictures of the church seen inside the water of this crystal clear river have come to the fore. The Archaeological Institute of America has included this church in the Best 10 Discoveries.

It is believed that this church was built in the memory of Saint Nophytos in AD 390. Professor Mustafa Sahin of the Department of Archeology of Uludag University told that this church must have been built in the fourth century. After this there must have been an earthquake in AD 740, in which this church got absorbed in the river. Now after so many years when the water has become clean, then it came in the eyes of the people. The glimpse of the 16-hundred-year-old church has filled the enthusiasm of archaeologists. Now further research will be done.


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