This new feature of WhatsApp will create a ruckus! Group admin will get such special power

WhatsApp is working on many new features. The latest feature that the messaging app has been seen working on recently can be really very useful for group chats. According to reports, WhatsApp is testing the feature so that group admins can delete messages from everyone in the group. This means that the group admin can keep any message he wants and can also delete someone’s message.

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According to a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has released a new update, which allows group admins to delete messages from anyone in the group. The screenshot shows that when the message is deleted, it shows that the message has been deleted by the group admin. No matter how many admins there are in the group, they all have the right to delete messages for everyone. The report states that the feature is yet to be launched for beta testers.

The good news is that WhatsApp is finally updating the process of deleting messages. After the introduction of this feature, the group admin will have more power to moderate the WhatsApp group. Once rolled out, it will be easier for group admins to remove obscene or objectionable messages. It will also help admins to delete messages that go against the rights of the group.

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Let us tell you that a few days ago, WhatsApp was working on the ‘Delete message for everyone’ feature. Currently, users only have the option to delete messages sent after one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds. Soon users will get the option to delete the message for everyone after seven days of sending the message. Wabetainfo has reported that WhatsApp is now planning to change the time limit to 7 days and 8 minutes in future updates.


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